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Lawn Services Winnipeg

Range of Lawn Care Services - Cutting, Fertilizers, Aeration, Clean Up Services by Mardi Grass Winnipeg

Spring Clean-up:

Leaves and debris are raked and removed from the lawn, shrubs, hedges and flower beds. A Power Rake is then done to remove the dead grass and thatch from the lawn to promote new grass growth and improved air and moisture absorption. Finally the lawn is given a short lawn cut and trim resulting in a fresh, bright lime green appearance.


Spring or Fall Core Aeration:

The removal of small cores of soil and thatch from your lawn to improve both the air exchange between the soil and the surrounding atmosphere and the absorption of moisture from rain and snow.


Fertilization Services:

Fertilization (Liquid or Granular) and weed control services to nourish your lawn and protect your lawn against weeds.


Grass Cutting:

Weekly lawn cutting and trimming from May to September/October. Full season or “Vacation Cuts” are available.


Fall Clean-up:

Leaves and debris are removed from both the lawn and flower beds and a final lawn cut done.

Please contact our office for prices and more information regarding these and other services we provide.